Search Style is part of a vision of crowd-sourced fashion trending. Natalie Grogan and Lucas Shorvon have done a beautiful job of designing an incredible web platform with a responsive design, allowing trend-setters and watchers to share their photos and see trends on Google maps from a desktop as easily as from a mobile.

“The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been and always will be.”

Bill Cunningham, Fashion Photographer for New York Times

When they came to us, Search Style needed a web developer to help expand their capabilities for sharing photos and collecting geolocational data. Instead of entirely being at the whim and mercy of Instagram, they wanted to integrate uploads directly into

We worked with them to add new functionality to their web app, allowing for a streamlined photo upload process which collects geolocation data from users photos from their PCs, mobiles, or Instagram accounts.

Lucas Shorvon

Co-Founder at Search Style Ltd

Computer Conquest work with some big clients, but treat even the smaller clients with the same professionalism. They take time to understand, not only the work they have been hired to do, but the business as a whole. They nurture the relationship and are happy to provide input, support and guidance on all matters, not just software development.

Key Services and Technology



  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS
  • Coffeescript
  • Mongo
  • Amazon Web Services (S3)


  • Web Front-end development
  • Responsive design implementation
  • Back-end development
  • Robust hosting and data storage facility.
  • Exif processing and geolocation.


  • Full project management

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