The Woodhouse Partnership, says they "provide the grey hair". They're a group of engineers who have extensive and renowned experience in industrial asset management. They've spearheaded the SALVO project which mapped a decision-making process for organisations to answer questions like "When should I replace my aging asset?" Getting the answer right can save companies multiple millions of pounds.

The SALVO project is sponsored by some big names in industry, including London Underground, Sasol, University of Cambridge, Scottish Water, and National Grid. CCQ worked with them on this project and have worked with many of them on subsequent jobs.

  • London Underground
  • National Grid
  • Scottish Water
  • DST
  • Sasol
  • University of Cambridge

In order to support this decision making process, a set of tools was required. CCQ developed the DST Asset Strategy Evaluator software package for the project. These tools make it easier to follow the process defined during the SALVO project.

The process allows organisations to analyse data about their assets to determine when to maintain or replace equipment to minimise costs, improve safety or meet other legal or public relations requirements. It also determines the most cost effective method for doing so, accounting for complex interactions and consequences from machinery hire, available resources and downtime.

John Woodhouse

Managing Director at The Woodhouse Partnership

We had a large, complex software project which required experienced and highly skilled software engineers. We are very happy we chose Computer ConQuest and work with them to this day.

Key Services and Technology



  • Microsoft WPF
  • C# .Net 4
  • MVVM
  • DevExpress XPO
  • DevExpress XtraReports
  • Amazon Web Services (EC2)


  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Robust architecture for handling volumes of data.


  • Full project management
  • Ongoing support and monitoring

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